Doctor urges cancer patients to continue in-person treatments amid pandemic

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EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) — The fear of getting coronavirus has risen some concern amongst some cancer patients.

Although there are options for cancer patients to get consultations during the pandemic, DHR Health Dr. Carlos Garcia-Cantu says one option is better than the rest.

“The best one is to see the patient, to see the patient face-to-face. That is the best consultation you can get. There are some alternative methods, zoom for example or telehealth,” said Dr. Garcia-Cantu.

He mentions some cancer patients are affected by receiving covid-19 because of what it could mean to their health.

“The COVID patient will attack every single system and that would be devastating for a patient who is immune-compromised because of the fact that they are receiving cancer treatment,” said Dr. Garcia-Cantu.

Patients have become anxious to visit their doctor’s office or going to the hospital.

“We do see a lot of frustration with our patients they cannot leave their homes. It is very difficult for them and sometimes there is a little bit of lack of information, that’s why it’s very important to know that if you come to receive your chemotherapy treatment, it’s going to be safe,” said Dr. Garcia-Cantu.

He adds the worst thing a cancer patient could do is delay treatment.

After battling cancer for two years, Dolores Rodriguez took a break from chemo, that is when she said things took a turn for the worst. 

“They found out that I have the lung, the tumor in the lung, which was the size of a quarter, is now the size of three golf balls. So, it’s basically blocking my airway in my left lung. So, I’m using one lung to live so chemo at this point is probably necessary,” said Rodriguez.

She says she wants everyone to learn from her experience.

“It’s very necessary for them to continue chemo because look at me I stopped doing chemo, my decision and from July until October my tumors grew,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also mentioned how happy she is to be back on chemo.

“I am going to continue chemo. I have an appointment next week hopefully we can talk about tradition to streak the tumor a little bit so I can breathe,” she said.

Dr. Garcia-Cantu adds cancer patients need to continue their treatment preferably in the hospital.

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