Doctor shows how to avoid bad posture for online learning

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HARLINGEN, Texas – Whether it is virtual learning or face-to-face, the staff at Rio Physical Medicine Center are trying to make sure kids do not get “Tech Neck.”

Physiatrist at the center Dr. Cynthia Garcia explains what you can do to fix your posture.

“The first thing you want to do is adjust the chair. Now there’s some fancy chairs that go up and down but let’s say you don’t have that. What you might want to do is use something that you do have at home, a box or a couple of reams of paper and put them there,” said Dr. Garcia said as she placed two reams of paper under an assistant’s feet.

She also said how reaching far from your keyboard could lead to long term effects on your body.

“Typing and reaching up here is not good ergonomics. So, either you have to get a supplementary keyboard which she has here,” Dr. Garcia said as she gave an example of reaching higher up for a keyboard.

Some items that can help your posture, can be found at the store.

“We’re using a ball and these you can find it at some of the local stores. They’re easy and inexpensive and they almost make you sit a little bit more upright,” said Dr. Garcia as her assistant demonstrated.

Dr. Garcia is also trying to remind people what can happen if they do not sit properly.

“So, when you’re sitting and you slouch you’re going to do like this and so what happens is these discs are going to put an excessive amount of pressure on each one of these and that can actually cause a disc herniation at any age,” said Dr. Garcia as she demonstrated through a spine prop.

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