EDINBURG, Texas – Many people might be experiencing Thanksgiving differently from what they’re used to which could cause Holiday blues.

A Doctor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) tried to get an early start supporting her patients with the help of technology. 

UTRGV’S Dr. Lessley Chiriboga is with the School of Medicine and she says how this year’s holiday blues could be different. 

“The particular situation that we’re in now does play a different role than people may naturally experience during holiday blues,” said Dr. Chiriboga. 

Hidalgo County Health Authority Dr. Ivan Melendez says there should be a limit this holiday season on family gatherings. 

“You can limit your family gatherings to immediate family avoid having people come in for other parts of the country and other parts of the state,” said Dr. Melendez

Dr. Chiriboga says how there are a range of reasons people could experience holiday blues because of grief. 

“If it’s not losing someone it’s losing a lifestyle or socializing the way we like to, that is a loss that is a form of grieving as well,” said Dr. Chiriboga. 

She says she reached out to some of her patients over the phone because she wanted to get ahead of the problem. 

“I think at least speaking for myself and maybe what other providers are doing is we may be getting a head start on this, I was thinking about the holiday season end of August, September,” said Dr. Chiriboga. 

Using other parts of technology to connect with patients. 

“Again pandemic a lot of intervening through the telemedicine now but it’s still in a way that we can say hey we’re here,” said Dr. Chiriboga. 

She also suggests in a time like this everyone should lean on technology as a helping hand. 

“Rather it’s a phone call/text message or video call and say hey how are you doing, I’m feeling this, can I talk about this,” said Chiriboga.