Doctor believes shaking hands is a thing of the past

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EDINBURG, Texas – COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live our lives.

Some experts believe there’s a need to change the way we interact with one another.

“Each location will have a different curve and the Rio Grande Valley is separate from those locations,” said Dr. Jose Campo Maldonado.

He believes the Rio Grande Valley hasn’t seen the worst of the pandemic.

“There will be an acceleration phase when the infection will increase and then a deceleration. At some point looking at that information we may be able to see things go back to normal,” he said.

Major cities across the country are starting to see a bend in the curve.

Intensive care hospitalizations in New York state and California have seen a decline in patients.

Experts say staying home and frequent cleaning are helping.

Face masks and isolation are the new normal.

When this pandemic is over, health officials say frequent handwashing and social distancing are some practices we should keep.

“People are going to hopefully be more compliant and follow this more closely and do what their suppose to do,” said Dr. Maldonado.

That could mean a change on how we greet each other. One the nation’s leading experts on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, believes we should stop shaking hands due to COVID-19.

He said in an interview with the Washington Post podcast, that in an ideal world, we can stop shaking hands. That’ll help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and influenza.

Other countries around the world greet one another from head nodding, hand waving and even bowing but not many doctors agree.

“The decision about that is not mine. It’s society’s decision and we also need to look at the emotional implications of that decision,” said Dr. Maldonado.

Until the curve is flattened, doctors urge everyone to continue to practice social distancing and hygiene.

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