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Doctor accused of misdiagnosing patients for profit goes to trial

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MCALLEN, Texas – Trial begins for a former Valley doctor accused of misdiagnosing patients for nearly two decades. Dr. Jorge Zamora-Quezada is accused of diagnosing patients with chronic diseases, all to allegedly make money off insurance companies. Prosecutors claiming the doctor’s employees were given quotas as to how many fraudulent procedures had to be submitted a month.

Quezada, along with his wife Meisy Zamora, and two of their employees Felix Ramos and Estella Natera, allegedly defrauded insurance companies in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. During opening statements, prosecutors allege when looking for evidence, patients files were stored in a secluded old barn, where those files were exposed to rain and rats to destroy.

Adding when insurance companies asked for evidence of procedures, Quezada would allegedly tell his employees to submit x-rays from other patients who were actually sick. Prosecutors highlighted that Quezada would diagnose patients with arthritis problems, as it requires life long care, forcing patients to come back and see him.

The state added Quezada would perform injections, x-rays, chemotherapy, and other painful care usually on the patients’ first visit to his office. Prosecutors also claimed he used the money from insurances to buy rental property’s which generated money back to him. That is where prosecutors say the money laundering charge he faces comes from.

The Defense claims Quezada has already been investigated three times in the past 18 years for similar allegations but has been cleared assuring this time won’t be different. The jury heard from the first witness today, the mother of a 13-year-old boy who Quezada allegedly diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. The boy’s mother claims her son had to be removed from public school as he couldn’t handle the pain coming from Quezada’s treatment which only made him feel worse.

More witness are expected to take the stand including former employees, alleged victims, and doctors who took over Quezada’s patients. Although his wife and their two employees are having a joint trial, they will be tried separately.

The doctor’s trial is expected to last up to a month.

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