Warning: This story contains explicit language.

MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A McAllen woman was arrested for impersonating her husband’s ex online and sending her father vulgar messages, documents reveal.

Rosalina Saracho was arrested on charges of online impersonation-name/persona create page and harassment on Sept. 7, according to Hidalgo County records.

The victim’s father told police that on July 6, Saracho attempted to call her stepdaughter while the child was with her mother and paternal grandfather. The child’s mother allegedly took the phone from her child causing Saracho to become upset and start yelling and cussing at her.

The grandfather stated he was not involved in this incident, but shortly after he began receiving vulgar and alarming text messages from Saracho, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Saracho’s messages to the victim’s father stated, “F— you you f—ing 4 foot eight Napoleonic complex piece of s—,” the affidavit stated.

On July 13, police met with the victim who stated she, her ex, and Saracho were currently in a child custody battle.

She said she has been harassed by Saracho multiple times but most recently was told by her friends that an Instagram account was made using her name and photo. She believed Saracho was behind it to cause her stress, fear and spread false information about her.

According to the document, investigators reached out to Meta and discovered that the email address and phone number used to create the account belonged to Saracho.

Saracho was arrested on Sept. 7 and released the same day on a bond of $7,000. Saracho has been arrested 10 separate times in Hidalgo County on multiple charges since 2006.