GRULLA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Some residents and parents are expressing alarm this week on social media after a video began circulating, showing a fight between two Grulla High School students.

One of the girls in the fight appeared to have been knocked unconscious as other students watch on and before a substitute teacher can been seen checking on the injured student.

Rio Grande City Grulla Consolidated Independent School District issued a statement Wednesday to ValleyCentral: “On Friday, January 13, 2023, an altercation occurred between two students at Grulla High School. One of the students is facing disciplinary action. The other student who was injured is recovering at home.”

People commenting online expressed their concerns for the injured student, who was seen in a video on the floor and possibly unconscious. Some users became outraged because they believed she was dead.

A copy of the video obtained by ValleyCentral shows two unidentified girls fighting in a classroom as other students watch and do not intervene. At the beginning of the 23-second clip, a girl in a gray jacket is seen holding on to another girl in a light gray hoodie by either her hair or the hood.

The video does not show the start of the fight.

In the video, recorded by a handheld phone, the struggle ensues for what seems to be a few seconds before the student in the dark gray sweater begins to beat the girl in the light gray hoodie in the back of the head with a fist.

Within a few hits, the student was dropped to the ground by the girl throwing punches. After the girl hit the floor, she appears to be severely disoriented, possibly having hit her head on the floor.

That’s when a substitute teacher is seen entering the classroom and attending to the student.

A school district official told ValleyCentral the substitute teacher stepped out of the classroom when the fight broke out to look for a security guard and returned in the moment recorded on video.

“This altercation was an isolated incident. RGCGISD’s priority remains student safety and a safe learning environment.