RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Rio Grande City Grulla Independent School District is responding to talk of trouble at a high school on the first day of classes.

Parents questioned whether the air conditioning would be working, especially in 100 degree weather.

The school district is saying those who have been reporting there is a problem with the air conditioning, mold or mildew inside Rio Grande City High School are just those who want their voices heard.

The district went on Facebook live over the weekend.

‘We can say that we’re ready to go,” Maribel Montemayor, Rio Grande City High School principal said.

The group assured parents the schools are cleaned by maintenance and that administrators do walk through the building in the weeks before school starts.

The school, earlier this month, announced air conditioning system repairs have been made and that it will continue to monitor the system.

Yet, this summer, there have been those who were putting out pictures, using social media claiming that the school has problems with mildew or mold and air conditioning.

”I guess pictures of dirt, pictures of things like that. I know they brought up the word ‘mildew’ also so they take pictures of all these things and automatically, without testing or any proof, they start saying, ‘Oh look, there’s mold everywhere,'” explained Adrian Ozuna, the Rio Grande City Grulla ISD Director of Public Relations.

But the reports have residents in Rio Grande City worried.

“When we went to school, there was no air conditioning. Today, I would say that an air conditioning problem for modern kids, it would be serious,” Delfino Garza, a Rio Grande City native said.

We spoke with one Rio Grande City High School student’s mother who says she found it a little fishy when she heard reports that there’s a problem with air conditioning in a school in this district.

Now, the district tells ValleyCentral that if you hear anything about an air conditioning problem or mold in any of its schools, to call them.

“Parents and community members who see something and they let us know because we’re the ones that can take care of it,” Ozuna said.

The school says the parts needed for the air conditioning repair were received last week.

District officials say the Facebook live was posted to let everyone know the walk throughout campuses went well.