Disinfectant wipes flying off shelves leaves one woman to make her own

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HARLINGEN, Texas – There are still high numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Rio Grande Valley and disinfectant wipes are flying off grocery store shelves.

Rosa Isela took matters into her own hands. 

Isela said, “I’m not going to be traveling all over the Valley to find the wipes and I’m not going to be online to try to get one can of wipes.” She goes on to say,  “I bought them, I don’t want to say loose leaf but loose napkins, just single napkins versus a whole roll and I’ll just roll them up myself and take them up from there and then add the solution.”

She makes the wipes with multiple items, like Mr. Clean.

“I just look for the labels on the bottle. Like this one says kills 99% bacteria, that pretty much what you have in the kitchen and this one says kills Salmonella and E. coli and I’m like, that’s pretty much from raw food so that’ll work,” said Isela. 

Melissa Elizardi, Public Relations Officer for Cameron County says there could be some after effects. She says, “we recommend of course what is in the store.” She also says, “there are some side effects where you can get because of the chemicals used. You could go ahead and expose yourself to the chemicals because of inhalation, but also some damage to your skin; minimum, some irritation or burns.”

The CDC recommends going to their website, where they have a list of things you can use against  COVID-19.

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