LA VILLA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Thursday, camera equipment and a security team began setting up on Highway 107 in La Villa for what is going to be a month’s long production of a national TV show on the Discovery Channel.

“We got called on the Pilgrim Media group who was seeking permits with TxDOT so they can produce the show Street Outlaws—which is a Discovery Channel show,” said Jason Peña, Hidalgo County’s precinct 5 justice of the peace.

Season three of Street Outlaws is estimated to bring in over a hundred new people, according to Peña. He added that this could mean a major boost for the local economy.

Credit KVEO Iris Karami; Jason Pena

“This is a nationwide television show and it exposes our area in the right way,” said Peña. “Going to our Walmarts, using our mechanic shops, of course eating here so it helps us boost the economy in our area. It’s a great deal for the area.”

Pena said in the last show they filmed the production team brought about $1 million to the local economy.

While production is underway, competitors from all over the nation are trickling in. Mike Murillo, a 16-time world champion racer and winner of the second season of Street Outlaws, said he will race his 1992 Mustang.

“So, we just literally just got done building a car in 18 days—which I mean is crazy—we’re talking what usually takes people 2 years took 18 days,” said Murillo.

Murillo said the goal is to be #1 out of 25 of the nation’s fastest cars. Stormie is the debut name of Murillo’s Mustang at 4,000 horsepower according to Murillo.

“You’re literally on the streets with anywhere from 1500 horsepower cars to 4500 horsepower cars,” said Murillo.

Security teams were on-site to monitor and disperse crowds. Peña said that the highway will be closed daily from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m., and emphasized the community not take part in any illegal racing.

“Please don’t be out there racing. That’s not what we’re saying. This is a television show. It is a Class B Misdemeanor if you’re racing on the highway, that is not what we’re asking you to do,” said Peña.

Overall, the community and competitors are eager to get the show on the road.

“It’s all we do—it’s our life—this is what we’ve been doing for many years and passion is probably an understatement,” said Murillo.