HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Adult obesity is increasing and Texas is among the states with the highest number of cases.

“I am here at the Wellness Center to better out my health, my lifestyle, and overall my self esteem and just be more productive,” said Magda Paredes, a patient at Rosas Medical Wellness Center.

Paredes is just one of the patients at Rosas Medical Wellness Center striving to be healthier.

“I used to dance I used to walk in high heels a lot, and now it’s been a setback with my health,” Paredes said.

“The portion is very important and the recommended portion for healthy eating is half of the plate should be the non-starchy vegetables,” said Haruna Suzuki, Dietician at Rosas Medical Wellness Center. “The quarter part of the plate should be the protein for example, fish or chicken, turkey, meat.”

“You want to have a balance throughout your day. You want to have your healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and then enjoy the dinner with your family,” said Valerie Bermudez, Family Nurse Practitioner.

“I would like to get back into healthy diet and a healthy weight, that way I can boost my self-esteem and be more efficient at work when coming up and down the stairs from my office,” Paredes said.