EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Breast Center of Excellence at DHR Health and the Cancer Research Center have been selected to lead a new study on breast cancer.

According to a release from DHR Health, they will lead an “innovative breast cancer study” called WISDOM, which stands for: Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measure of risk.

The goal of the study is determine which best screening method is better: a personalized approach for women based on her unique risks, or the current “one-size-fits all” approach used for annual mammograms.

“Despite advances in the past three decades, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the United States,” said Lisa Chapa, MD, Director, DHR Health Breast Center of Excellence in the release. “The incidence of breast cancer in women of Hispanic ethnicity is higher than in general population, and it is vital to involve minorities in this trailblazing longitudinal study. We are pleased that we will be working with the WISDOM team of investigators and community groups to offer this opportunity that we are the sole site, and will be offering this opportunity to all women in the State of Texas.”

The study, which is funded by Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute, will be recruiting women of diverse backgrounds from across the state of Texas.

“Most women spend 30 to 35 years getting breast screenings,” said Laura Esserman, MD, the national principal investigator of the study. “So, we recommend that women in Texas join the WISDOM study and spend the next 5 years helping us create a better future where we can learn how best to target both screening and prevention.”