PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral) – TX-Dot Pharr announces upcoming detours that will begin later this month. The department says the new detours will not only benefit contractors but drivers. 

The Pharr interchange is still a year and a half from being completed, part of the project means new detours, says Tx-Dot Pharr Spokesman Ray Pedraza. 

The interchange from McAllen to Edinburg is going to close, Pedraza says drivers will stay on the highway all the way to San Juan. There drivers will loop around at Raul Longoria, head back west and then take the existing overpass headed toward Edinburg.

Courtesy of TxDot

“So, with this new traffic shift I-2 east to I-69C north commuters will be rerouted towards San Juan. They’ll loop around near Raul Longoria merge back on to the west bound I-2 main lane and then they will take the Edinburg connector to access I-69C north,” says Pedraza. 

Pedraza says he understands the reroutes are an inconvenience for drivers but it gives contractors more room to work. 

“There’s 4 connectors, each one of the existing lane connectors will be replaced with wider two-lane connectors. Pedraza adds, “so these reroutes which are going to last about eight months are going to the contractor time to remove and to rebuild.”

With these detours benefiting contractors to have the time to complete their work. Pedraza SAYS there are some benefits for drivers taking the detours. 

“On these detour routes they are dedicated lanes with no traffic signals; there will be continuous movement; they’re protected with barriers,” said Pedraza. 

However, they’ve noticed a problem with motorists driving over the barriers which could lead to trouble. 

“The barriers we ask or remind drivers that tampering with removing or destroying one of these traffic control devices is illegal and they will be cited if caught,” said Pedraza.