HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — On the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Nahomi Rodriguez police are asking the community for help in identifying the suspect.

Nahomi Rodriguez went missing on July 17, 2016, after leaving her job at a fast-food restaurant and getting into an SUV, police continue to search for the driver.

“She left work early that day and her wear about after that are unknown,” said Detective Joel Yanes of the Harlingen Police Department. “Obviously, it appears to be the last person that she was in some sort of communication with, that we were able to establish so that person has been very crucial to us to try to identify this individual.”

Detective Yanes has been assigned to this case for the past five years and has partnered with the Texas Rangers to find the person responsible.

“It has been a case that has not fallen by the wayside by any means, it has been constantly in our minds, constantly in my mind for me personally,” said Yanes.

Police found Nahomi’s remains near Rio Hondo nine months after her disappearance.

Cameron County Constable, Jose Adrian Gonzalez who knows Rodriguez’s family still patrols the area where Nahomi was found, hoping somebody will come forward.

“Somebody knows something, they knew they are there in the back roads of Rio Hondo I’m sure somebody knows something there are killers out there that need to be brought to justice,” said Gonzalez.

Harlingen PD has received tips from the community, however, more questions still await to be answered.

“It’s kind of one of these things where I feel a heavy responsibility to give answers to the family and obviously more importantly justice for Nahomi, she deserves it,” said Yanes.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers at 956-425-8477.