Despite COVID-19, new business opens in Alamo

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ALAMO, Texas (KVEO) —While the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in layoffs, a seafood business has opened in the city of Alamo.

Two lifelong friends, along with with one of the friend’s father, have opened a restaurant in the month of Oct.

Why would business owners want to take the risk during such an economically challenging and uncertain time as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Startup businesses were not easy to keep open even before the pandemic, but owner of Pinch N Dip Diego Lijeo, decided to open anyway.

“I didn’t know if they were going to allow it because of certain guidelines from the CDC so, but we went asking the city if we could or we couldn’t,” said Lijeo.

From living in Louisiana for years, Lijeo decided to take what he learned and bring it to his business in the Rio Grande Valley. 

“We started doing it from home and then after that it just started picking up and picking up and we came together and opened up the business,” said Lijeo.

He also has two co-owners, who say they have poured money, homes, and dreams into the restaurant.

“It would be bad you know because we invested a good amount but if it doesn’t and the pandemic gets worse but then we’ll understand we have to shut down,” said Lijeo. 

The owners are hoping to attract customers with a different style of food, which would be Louisiana Cajun style. 

“So when he brought it to me and I tried it for the first time I was like oh yea that’s something different you don’t see that a lot here in the valley,” said co-owner Abram Alegria.

Believing in the business, Alegria says he quit his job so he could further pursue the partnership in the restaurant. 

“Previous job, yea I got out because he told me hey you want to go in with me on this you have to go in with me all the way,” said Alegria. 

All of the men are staying optimistic about the future in the restaurant. 

“A lot of hope man it’s a lot of faith that we are hoping this thing change our life around, “ said Alegria. 

For more details on the location and hours of the restaurant can be found here.

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