Deputies crackdown on unpaid fines

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Lisa Lambarri is a deputy with the Cameron County Sheriff Department, her office is her patrol car every day.

Today she’s working to arrest people with warrants because they haven’t paid their fines.

“There are court fines that are due that have not been paid. So that’s what we’re seeking that’s what the courts are seeking for the fines to be paid,” Lambarri said.

Today she is working to arrest around 10 people from the 60 warrants that her department is going through.

“We pick them up take them to the jail and from the jail they see the county court,” Lambarri said.

She says every day before she makes an arrest she looks at a picture of her loved ones and tells herself to be safe.

“The goals that we have to do we have a mission and we complete it that’s our objective. We do it safely and we do it smoothly and we complete the objective,” Lambarri said.

On Wednesday they were looking for a woman who had a warrant for her arrest because of court fines totaling over $400.

After two stops, Lambarri and her partner make an arrest.

“It makes a very important job to provide to provide it safe for the community and to be a public servant is very rewarding and fulfilling,” Lambarri said.

During her day she says she will go to around 10 different locations to make the arrests.

An arrest she says could have been avoided if they would of just paid their court fines.

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