Dengue cases in the RGV may be travel related

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) – The Rio Grande Valley on average sees two to three cases of dengue a year, but that does not necessarily mean the transmission happened in the Rio Grande Valley. 

The Hidalgo Health and Human Services believes the three cases reported yesterday in the Hidalgo and Alamo area may have been travel related. 

“it’s very frequent in Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Tampico. We don’t have it as often here in the Valley,” said Chief Administrative Officer, Eduardo Olivarez.  

In most cases, symptoms of dengue will be mild aches, fever or a rash. However, one in twenty cases will develop a more serious form. 

“There’s a form of dengue that is that is called hemogenic dengue, and hemogenic dengue is a lot more serious. Rarely leads to death but definitely leads to the hospital, and it involves bleeding of the eyes, ears, etcetera,” said Olivarez.  

Mosquitos that carry dengue are the same species that carry zika and chikungunya. 

Dr. Ronald Tyler from the Texas Department of State Health Services says, “those symptoms that they actually cause are very similar and overlap. So its I’m important for people whenever they’re are getting assessed by physicians to be tested for chikungunya, dengue, and zika.” 

These mosquitos can be distinguished by their size and white markings. 

“Dengue is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito, they’re small little black mosquitos where as you culex species are kind of more brown and they’re significantly larger than Aedes,” said Dr. Tyler.  

There is no prevention for transmission other than avoiding getting bit. 

Removing standing water around your house and making sure windows and doors are sealed properly could prevent reporoduction and transmission of the dengue virus. 

Olivarez adds that they are conducting trapping and assessments to determine if any mosquitos are carrying the dengue virus. 

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