HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Palmhurst mayoral race has two candidates listed on the ballot, Israel Silva and Mayor Ramiro Rodriguez Jr. who served for 23 years.

Although Mayor Rodriguez Jr. died on April 5, his name still remains on the ballot.

Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Eronini said Rodriguez Jr. died after the deadline for him to be taken out of the ballot and by law he must remain on the ballot. 

“If he gets the majority of votes on Saturday, there will be a need to have a special election to fill that position,” said Eronini. 

ValleyCentral reached out to Israel Silva and he provided the following statement:

“I want to keep our city free of property tax and keep the one-acre homesite minimums. I will be a proactive mayor if given the opportunity.”

Polling locations near Palmhurst are:

  • Rafael Cantu Jr. High School Library: 5101 N. Stewart Rd. in Palmhurst
  • Bannworth Park Gym:  1822 N. Shary Rd. in Mission

Eronini encourages everyone to go out and vote for whichever candidate they want.