EDCOUCH, Texas (KVEO) — The delta variant continues to create concerns throughout the valley, not only within schools but daycare centers as well.

“A lot of the parent’s concerns are, what if my child gets sick? What am I going to do, miss work? What is going to happen to the daycare?,” said Mary Capetillo, owner of All About Kids Learning Center.

Capetillo said they’re reintroducing COVID safety measures, now that the delta strain has reached the valley. 

“We’re going to start mandating the way it was before, temperatures if they have a cough or a fever we’re going to notify the parents,” said Capetillo.  

Aside from sanitation and social distancing, Capetillo adds while it’s been difficult having kids wearing their masks, she said if cases get worse it’s something they are also going to implement. 

“It was very difficult because we would take them outside and they couldn’t last with the mask,” said Capetillo. “It was like they couldn’t breathe so a lot of the kids now have adjusted.”

Right now, children ages 12 and under cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine until approved by the FDA and CDC, but when the time comes, Capetillo said parents are still hesitant about it.  

“Me personally, I do recommend it for everyone’s safety because we don’t know where everyone goes we don’t know who has it we don’t know who wears masks and we have to think about the kids and ourselves,” she said.  

While Capetillo can’t force her staff or the parents to get vaccinated, she urges them to consider it. Capetillo adds most of her staff is fully vaccinated, and when it comes to keeping the kids safe they are still maintaining distance. 

“We put everybody 6 feet apart and we do it by age groups so if I have more than 12 from 3-7 we put them in another room.”

Capetillo said safety is their #1 priority and will continue to follow COVID guidelines.