BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — Getting residents and visitors out and about on the many cycling paths has been a goal of the city of Brownsville for years now, and the cycling community is taking notice. 

Cyclists say it’s the best way to get to know an area.

“Cycling you can see something that you don’t really see on the street. and it’s more up close and personal,” said Uma Philbrook, a tourist out for a bike ride this afternoon.

Visitors aren’t the only ones taking advantage of all Brownsville has to offer.

“We have a really good trail system and even bike lane system here in Brownsville,” said Graham Sevier-Schultz, owner of 7th and Park, a bike and coffee shop in Brownsville.

Brownsville has been a bronze level bike friendly community since 2015, one of only twelve such cities in the state of Texas. Both locals and visitors alike believe its a great way to explore the area.

“If you’re in a car you’re going too fast if you’re walking, you’re going to slow,” said Seveir-Schultz. “This is a good way to really experience outdoors.”

Uma Philbrook and her husband, Curtis Philbrook, echoed that sentiment.

“How far can you walk back and forth?” asked Uma. “You can’t cover much territory walking and in a car, you’re moving too fast,” said Curtis.

Going for a ride can be thirsty work, and some cyclists aren’t just thirsty for water.

“It’s a good way to explore and see the area,” said Curtis Philbrook. “And then its also an opportunity to reward yourself by having a coffee at a restaurant.”

Sevier-Schultz agrees with Philbrook’s connection between coffee and cycling.

“The cultures overlap pretty significantly,” said Sevier-Schultz.

Sevier-Schultz says he saw that overlap while he was out cycling himself.

“Inevitably, someone needs their coffee or someone needs some air in their tire or someone needs some nutrition,” said Sevier-Schultz

So he decided to open a one stop shop for the cycling community to meet their bike and beverage needs. He says the cycling community in the Rio Grande Valley is growing, and he welcomes all cyclists beginner or experienced to his shop.

“This is a good place to start and finish a ride,” said Sevier-Schultz, “Tts always a great place to meet. We have a variety of options for coffee and tea and pastries and other beverages and snacks.”