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MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Some customers of one event planning business said they paid nearly $9,000 for events that turned out to be disasters.

“Nothing is going to give me back my memories,” said Marisol Tinoco, a former customer of Any Occasion Event Planning.

Tinoco wanted to have a special quinceañera for her daughter but said Any Occasion turned her daughter’s dream into a nightmare and was not given what she paid for.

“Not even 10% of what I paid for, I paid close to $9,000,” said Tinoco.

Tinoco said she had issues with the DJ, the photographer, and the venue was so hot the pastry chef was concerned about the chocolate melting.

Since her daughter’s quinceañera three months ago, Tinoco said she is still waiting on her daughter’s photos. She said the business told her the hard drive containing the pictures is being fixed.

Tinoco is not the only client complaining.

On social media, other people who booked with Any Occasion said they had a similar experience as Tinoco.

Michelle and Javier Carlos Sandoval recently had their wedding with the business.

“It was my wedding day which is supposed to be wonderful, beautiful, and it wasn’t,” said Michelle Sandoval. “She charged us $8,900 for something that was not what we expected.”

The Sandoval’s said a chunk of the cake’s icing was missing, and their family members were not all able to eat.

“They promised us 200 plates, a lot of family members did not get anything to drink and nothing to eat,” said Sandoval.

ValleyCentral called Any Occasion for a comment on these complaints, but they immediately declined.

However, associates from the company returned the call. One identified herself as “Irma” but did not give the last name. She said she is a tuxedo vendor at Any Occasion.

Irma said these complaints are not all that they seem to be and said that in any business you cannot make everyone happy.

“One out of a 100 that is going to be like her, like any other company,” said Irma.

She addressed the heat complaints and said there are five air conditioning units that work fine in the venue, but that guests are opening the entrance door causing it to get hot.

“They open the door because they want to be outside and we tell them, the place is going to get warm,” said Irma.

Irma said Fernanda is the name of the photographer that was at both the Tinoco and the Sandoval events. Fernanda, who also did not provide a last name and said that all events between June and July have not gotten their photos yet because they are on a corrupted hard drive.

“It’s being worked with, the hard drive is over there with the specialist in a special room where they’re actually taking it apart, we have proof, we have emails,” said Fernanda.

The Sandoval’s and Tinoco all signed a contract saying they cannot sue Any Occasion, but there is a typo where it says ‘suit’ instead of ‘sue.’

One legal expert said it is generally legal to include a no-sue clause, that clause must be specific.

Copy of Sandoval’s contract

“But it doesn’t exclude all out liability for other things and for issues of consumer protection and issues that are not clear in the contract itself,” Ricardo Barrera, attorney, and owner of Barerra Law Firm.

Any Occasion said they intend to give the photos to customers once the hard drive is fixed, but the Sandoval’s and Tinoco believe they have been scammed out of their money.

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