Mayor Richard Molina speaking to Local 23 News to clear what he calls false allegations. After certain individuals have been saying he’s being investigated for voter fraud from the November 2017 elections, when he was elected mayor for the city of Edinburg.

Mayor Molina says, “The other one was something pertaining to equipment that was used from the city to see if i had ordered to someone using equipment for personal reasons. The other one involved the previous city manager here and if i asked him to do something illegal. The fourth one was where my wife filed a police report where they were investigating that police report my wife had filed.”

Molina recently posted a video on social media calling out a vocal supporter of his 2017 opponent, Richard Garcia, who he says initiated the voter fraud allegations after the city canceled a $300,000 contract with her due to poor customer service.

Molina says, “Miss Mary Alice Palacios took me to lunch to Red Lobster on North 10th. She asked me for my vote to get the contract for her to obtain the insurance contract.”

Molina says nearly 20 of his supporters have been arrested for allegedly voting from addresses they didn’t live at. He is calling this a one-sided investigation as says Palacios is Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez’s aunt.

Molina says he hasn’t been questioned by any law enforcement agencies regarding these rumored accusations.