County-wide curfew starts Saturday at Midnight, fines up to $1,000 or jailtime

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There have been 20 tests administered for the coronavirus in Cameron County and one has tested positive. That’s a 21-year-old from Rancho Viejo who is currently under self-quarantine. That individual, according to health authorities, did not travel into the community once he returned for his travels and is being determined as a travel related case.

Also, this afternoon county Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. making a declaration for a county wide curfew which is now being referred to as a “travel restriction.”

“This mandate and restriction will not apply to people going to and from work, on an essential function for their government department, school, medical, nursing, or business entity. it will also not apply to a person going to a pharmacy, hospital, medical clinic, gas station for fuel, or grocery store or home with no deviations.”

The county judge emphasized that those working would not be affected. It’s recommended that you carry some sort of identification from your workplace or even a uniform to signify that you are indeed working at those hours.

“We don’t want to lose anybody,” says Trevino, “not one person unnecessarily because of this virus.”  and if at the end of the day, I didn’t have to do this. Well, the buck stops with me. If you want to blame somebody, you can blame me as a county judge. I’ll take the hits.”

The curfew is set from midnight to 5 AM and not complying could lead to fines of up to a $1,000 and even jail time. The new travel restriction is set to begin this Saturday at midnight.

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