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Election staff prep for next election (CBS 4)

We come off the heels of a very busy Super Tuesday where long lines and non-working machines where what some voters experienced.

“It was crazy,” said one Hidalgo County voter.

Super Tuesday was a big election day here in the Valley. 

Willacy County Election Administrator Christina Rodriguez and her team are still adding last night’s results.

“It was a busy day we had a good turnout we still don’t know the outcome yet,” said Rodriguez.

Last night voters had some hiccups at the polls. At the Lasara Community Center, some voters told CBS 4 they received the wrong ballot.

“It was just a miscommunication with a worker it was the wrong ballot it was only three but they put those in the emergency section,” said Rodriguez.

It wasn’t just Willacy County. In Hidalgo County, several voting stations experienced long lines. That prompted the county to send this tweet to voters to warn about long lines.

“We’ve taken a lot of notes you learn as you go it helps us prepare for the next and get better and more prepared for the next one,” said Rodriguez.

They’re not the only election office looking at Super Tuesday and see where they can improve. In Starr County will hold a meeting to focus on teaching voters the proper way to insert a ballot to prevent paper jams.

There will be run-off elections this spring and staff across the valley tell me they’re already prepping for the next election.

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