LA FERIA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Cameron County Commissioner Gus Ruiz and J.V. Garcia are both candidates listed on the ballot for Precinct 4.  

Garcia said his top priorities are road safety and addressing the flood crisis in Cameron County. 

Garcia told ValleyCentral he feels qualified to become the next commissioner because of his education in engineering.

According to Garcia, he has been a civil engineer with almost 20 years of experience and is ready to bring solutions to the Cameron County drainage system. 

“I understand the root cause of our failed streets, our failed infrastructure, and a lot of it has to do with bad government practices,” said Garcia.

Garcia said he also wants to make roads safer for families in the area.                    

“They’re going 65 miles an hour through these small towns, through these pueblas, we need to reduce that speed limit to 30 at least like if it’s a school zone because we need to take care of our people,” said Garcia. “There was a death in Santa Maria a few months ago and we need to bring those things up.” 

As for Commissioner Ruiz, he is seeking re-election to serve Precinct 4 for four more years. 

Commissioner Ruiz said if re-elected he will continue to focus on drainage issues and road improvement. 

“We’re gonna be working on drainage projects we’ve got some already underway, we are receiving grants to do drainage projects, we’re gonna be doing road projects with the assistance of the taxpayers, we have completed over 30 miles of roads with a total of over $7 million dollars,” said Commissioner Ruiz. 

Commissioner Ruiz also said he will continue giving back to the community through food distributions.

Early voting ends on May 20 and election day is Tuesday, May 24. Click here to see a list of voting locations near you.