CAMERON COUNTY, Texas — Face mask protections will be mandatory in Cameron County on Friday.

On Wednesday, Judge Eddie Trevino Jr signed an amended order requiring all employees and visitors at all businesses and commercial entities in Cameron County to utilize facial coverings.

The order is nearly a copy and paste of Bexar County’s order.

Earlier this week, Judge Nelson Wolff found a legal loophole ordering business owners to make masks mandatory.

The order comes 50 days after Governor Abbott announced cities and counties could not enforce Texans to wear facial coverings.

Upsettingly to many elected officials, Gov. Abbott knew of the legal loophole and did not inform communities hit hard by COVID-19, they could keep businesses operating while protecting lives.

During a live interview with KWTX in Waco, Abbott said the Judge “finally figured that out,” meanwhile Texans were catching and spreading COVID-19.

“Pursuant to my plan, local governments can require stores and businesses to require masks,” said Abbott. “That’s what was authorized in the plan.”

“I wish this loophole that would have been discovered would have been made clear to us from the beginning,” said County Judge Eddie Trevino, “a lot of people perhaps may not have gotten sick.”

However, many people did get sick in Cameron County. To date, 47 deaths are linked to COVID-19, more than 1,300 confirmed positive cases, and 436 pending cases.

“We expect more cases,” said Trevino as the county’s COVID-19 cases surged once Texas began to reopen despite alarm bells from health officials, “I’m not going to point fingers, but he is a governor. We have to maintain a lock-in step with him. we can’t be in conflict with its order.” 

To view the order and potential fines for mask ordinance violations click here.