PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many families in Laguna Heights continue to clean up the destruction that was left by an EF1 tornado.

The terrifying storm has caused many students with Point Isabel ISD to seek counseling services.

“All I saw was that water was coming in the living room window came out, came into the living room it went to the couches glass was everywhere,” Keymy Urrutia said.

Port Isabel high school student Keymy Urrutia says her family continues to salvage what they can from the devastating tornado that destroyed her home.

She says the night of the storm not just scared her but loved ones too.

“My dad was panicking, my mom was panicking both of my sisters were crying I was starting to have a little panic attack and after it passed we just stayed in that one room,” Urrutia said.

“I’ve had students come up and say that they felt like their house was being lifted up off the ground and then placed back,” Point Isabel ISD counselor Stephanie Zavaleta said.

Counselors with Point Isabel ISD say they are teaming up with teachers and staff to focus on students emotional and social needs.

“At each of the campuses, they’ve done a donation for support system so that way we’ve identified the students who have been impacted by this and what we’ve done is reach out to the students not only to check in on them emotionally on how they’re feeling but also to see what needs they have at home,” Zavaletta said.

Urrutia says because of the storm, she’s has been seeking counseling services and has even encouraged her younger sibling to do the same.

“I still feel a little overwhelmed just mentally exhausted like mentally exhausted physically exhausted and emotionally exhausted you can’t do anything about it,” Urrutia said.

“And for some of the students they want someone to hear them for other students, it’s like, how can you help me how can I help you, and in understanding that it is okay to feel the emotions of being scared anxiety it’s okay to not know how you’re feeling, but it’s good to be able to talk about it,” Zavaletta said.