RIO GRANDE VALLEY (KVEO) — Cool or Cold? That is the question meteorologists all over the country are asking when putting together their forecast for the second half of this coming week.

The two main weather models used to forecast beyond three days, are the American GFS and the European ECMWF (EURO).

After Thursday, these models vastly diverge in their forecast outlook, with the GFS model being vastly colder than the EURO model.

The forecast as-is calls for arctic air to drive down from Canada across much of the United States.

The questions are how much far south will the arctic air reach and how cold will the air mass be when it reaches there. Here in south Texas, we are in the same boat.

KVEO meteorologists are calling for a cool down, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s, which a good happy medium between the GFS and EURO models.

Additionally to below normal temperatures, rain chances are expected to increase during the second half of the week. Most of the rain chances will come along duel cold fronts, one on Thursday and one on Saturday.

Thursday’s rain will also bring the chance of thunderstorms as it move through midday. This front will be responsible for the initial cool down from the 80s to the 60s. The second front will open the door for potential arctic air to reach into the Valley.