The Valley Storm Team continues to observe the potential developments of a new tropical system that may bring more rain to the Rio Grande Valley by the weekend.

Current potential rainfall totals do not suggest that the amount of rain will come close to what was seen last weekend, but regardless any changes to those estimates will be monitored.

The area that is expected to have more favorable conditions for tropical storm development runs virtually parallel with the gulf coast from the Bay of Campeche, through Mexico, and into Texas.

Those better conditions include warm water, low wind conditions, and little to no Saharan dust to try and prevent any storm from developing.

A low pressure center is expected to form by Friday afternoon by the Bay of Campeche and ride its way next to the shore eventually coming near the Valley by Saturday bring more chances of rain.

The chances of this becoming at least a tropical depression are now at a 10% within the next two days and 30% over the next five days.

There is the very good chance that regardless of the strength that it will bring even more rain to the valley.

More rain chances will help with the drought conditions, and as the reservoirs continue to fill up from last weekend’s any additional help will be welcomed.

This is an ongoing development and the Valley Storm Team is continuing to monitor the situation.

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