The construction of a law enforcement education center in the city of Pharr has begun.

For years, the city, South Texas College and PSJA ISD have been planning the construction of the Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence. The vision will finally become a reality as city leaders, law enforcement and district officials broke ground for the new facility.

Ruben Villescas – Pharr Police Chief said, “It’s going to be a center where all training for the region for all regional law enforcement can be held at. We’re looking at bringing down trainings in areas of specialization, such as forensics, crime scenes, homeland security, emergency preparedness, fire arms training, and emergency vehicle response.”

The new center will feature some of the latest technology to train law enforcement personnel.

Chief Villescas, “Some of the technology that’s going to be involved is a fire arm simulator. It’s also supposed to have a driving simulator that will be able to enhance the decision making of our emergency personnel that are responding to emergency calls.”

This new center will allow law enforcement personnel to do their training locally instead of having to travel to College Station or San Antonio.

Although PSJA ISD is a partner, the center will not be limited to just those students in that district.

Dr. Daniel King – Superintendent PSJA ISD said, “The facilities will be available for students from all our surrounding and neighboring districts to work on degrees and training, in public safety, law enforcement, and fire safety.”

The construction of the Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence is expected to be completed by next year.