Weslaco, Texas (KVEO) — Volunteers showed up to help a retired Army Veteran on Friday afternoon .

The home of Noe Hernandez was deemed a fire hazard by the city and has been living without power or water.

Veteran organization America’s Last Patrol and former Hidalgo County Commissioner A.C. Cuellar came together to make preparations on Hernandez’s new home.

Veteran organization America’s Last Patrol helps in assisting veterans. KVEO Photojournalist Sal Castro

Cleaning up the debris, volunteers started the process of building Hernandez’s a home.

Richard Peña, who serves as commander of America’s Last Patrol, says its about helping the community.

“Well you know he’s a veteran, what we do we step up for any veteran that needs our help,” said Peña.

A volunteer moves debris of the Hernandez home to the trash. KVEO Photojournalist Sal Castro

The home also served as the childhood house of Hernandez and his brother. Living at the property since the 1950s, Hernandez has seen the neighborhood change from its humble beginnings as cotton fields.

“On this neighborhood I think we where the second or third house, there was nothing just cotton fields,” said Hernandez.

Noe Hernandez stands in front of his demolished home. KVEO Photojournalist Sal Castro

As years went by, the house started to fall apart. It got to the point where it wasn’t possible to have furniture.

“We didn’t have any furniture at all because rain would come through the roof,” said Hernandez.

The horrible living conditions led to the community coming together for Hernandez. The result, tearing down the old house to make way for a new one.

Seeing the volunteers and support of the community has left Hernandez excited.

“I never thought so many people would come and help,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez and his brother will be staying in a motel until the home is completed. The entire project is funded by donations from the community.

Throwing debris to the floor, a volunteer helps out at Hernandez home. KVEO Photojournalist Sal Castro

The final product is expected to be completed in 3-4 weeks.

For more information on how to volunteer visit America’s Last Patrol. Those interested in donating can visit the Gofund me account.