Congressman Gonzalez says migrant, childcare facilities have ‘huge improvements’

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — Congressman Vicente Gonzalez toured the migrant and Health and Human Services childcare facilities in the Rio Grande Valley, and said he saw “huge” improvements.

Gonzalez toured alongside (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday.

During the press conference, Gonzalez cited some of the improvements that the facility has had, compared to three months ago.

“It’s a huge improvement for just two or three months ago, kids are out of [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] custody a lot faster and they are getting reunited with their families,” he said.

Gonzalez added that he continues to advocate for an orderly process of asylum and asks asylum seekers to start the process in their home county or in neighboring countries.

“I think we can build facilities like what we have here in Donna and along the Rio Grande in Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala,” Gonzalez said. “Be able to process people there and then just fly them into the United States if they qualify, and if they don’t, let’s try to find ways to help them there in their home country.”

HE added that improvements at the facilities show that they are moving in the right direction and he is “very proud of it.”

The congressman mentioned that Abbott’s first priority should be the state’s electric grid given that ERCOT recently requested Texans to conserve power to avoid outages.

“I really believe that the governor should focus on getting our electrical grid up to par and straightened out in the middle of this heat. I think that must be the number one priority,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez added that the state’s border wall plans are too expensive for taxpayers and urged the governor to take other action on tackling the migrant surge.

“I’m against open borders, I’m against migrants coming across in a disorderly way. But we have to be very thoughtful before we take a dive like that,” Gonzalez said.

Shortly before hosting the press conference, Gonzalez issued a statement regarding Abbott’s border wall plans announcement.

“This misrepresentation of our border community needs to end. I oppose any wall that is an ineffective and waste of taxpayer dollars. We need to be investing in technology to effectively safeguard the border instead of a medieval wall that has been overcome by ladders.”

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez

He added the federal government would continue to work towards an orderly immigration system and to address the root causes of “migration in Central America.”

“I urge the Governor to make targeted investments in surveillance technology and funding for counties on the frontlines and just north of the border to support law enforcement and border agents rather than throwing money away,” Gonzalez stated.

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