CONFIRMED: Racist Recording Uncovers City Wide Investigation, Audit and Alleged Public Corruption

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After nearly a week since racially charged recordings of Brownsville city commissioner Cesar De Leon were leaked online, Mayor Tony Martinez is on the record “I don’t condone racial slurs. Okay and I don’t think the city does either I’ve been out there I think I have a pretty good pulse but as far as what they said teaching moment is we learn how not to be in any way divisive by doing this kind of conversation for the stone or attitude.” Said Martinez while sitting across from News Center 23’s Derick Garcia in his law office’s conference room. 
Mayor Martinez is not calling for Commissioner De Leon to resign, unlike Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz wants him off the job immediately. 
In a report with the Brownsville Herald, De Leon apologized for calling members of the district attorney’s office the “n” word in an audio recording, “There are a couple of f******* n****** that Luis Saenz is getting, and I don’t know where he is getting them from,” “They are coming down to my (expletive) city and now they are trying to (expletive) put everybody in jail because they think we are a bunch of Mexicans that hit our wives, which couldn’t be further from the (expletive) truth, but that is how they see us.”
Saenz called the apology insincere, “I like other members of the community believe that he should resign and leave that office and leave that to somebody else who has the proper temperament.”
 However, the controversy surrounding the tapes has brought to light a much larger issue: alleged public corruption. “This office has been conducting an investigation into certain components in the city of Brownsville.” Said Saenz. 
Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz could not confirm to News Center 23 the nature of the investigation but implicit and cryptic messages from public officials suggest the nature is centered at a public servant, “You know I am not at liberty nor am I privy to anything concrete. All I can tell you is that there are some concerns in regard to the operation of the EMS and the calls that they were attending to.” Said Martinez. According to Martinez an audit has been launched, “It was to focus on the EMS activity but other than that I’m not at Liberty to comment because it was simply trying to figure out some of the things that we’re going on that have been brought to our attention and that’s it…”
While the findings of the audit have yet to be released, according to City Commissioner Jessica Teterau’s Facebook Page, the findings of the audit will be released at the next city council meeting slated for October 3rd. Commissioner Teterau has been more vocal then most city leaders often more transparent and open to media, in a cryptic message online, Tetreau posted “when you find the courage to challenge corruption, they fight back by compromising your capability.” Suggesting the recording was a personal vendetta. The only person to share the cryptic post, Commissioner De Leon; who claims former Brownsville Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo released the recording, after Elizondo was demoted to lieutenant but the reason was never made public. 
News Center 23 put District Attorney Saenz in the hot seat and asked, “Do you believe that is a political retaliation because of that ongoing investigation?” Saenz replied, “I think because of the ongoing investigation I won’t be able to answer that question.”
Mayor Martinez could not explain the demotion either, “that was the city manager’s duties and he did it according to whatever he thought was appropriate”
News Center 23 will continue to investigate and attend Brownsville City Council’s October 3rd meeting when the audit reports will be made public.
A protest is also scheduled for October 3rd as many into the community call for Commissioner De Leon to step down and resign.
Exclusive Report: “He Should Resign” D.A. Calls For Commissioner To “Get Out Of Office” For Calling Staff “N” Word 

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