HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A construction company with the goal of building settlements on Mars is getting its start building sustainable homes on Earth in Brownsville.

The future is in sight. As companies like SpaceX work to develop a vehicle for interplanetary travel to Mars, others are thinking about building self-sufficient habitats on the red planet.

One of those forward-thinking companies is Astreia, a construction company founded in Austin by Dr. Natalie Rens. Rens came up with the concept for the company after watching SpaceX launch a Tesla into space in 2018. “It is the moment sending humans to Mars in our lifetime becomes a possibility,” says the website.

Before getting to Mars, the company is working towards proving itself here on Earth. The main focus will be to develop smart, sustainable homes and communities.

While the company appears to still be in its early stages, home environment monitors that control energy and water systems to ensure that they are working efficiently have already been developed, along with designs for homes and communities.

According to their website, the company will be building its first sustainable community in South Texas later this year. A job posting on LinkedIn confirmed that it will be in Brownsville.

The team of less than 10 is looking to add a Head of Production who will be based out of Brownsville.

Astreia is the latest space-themed company to move to the area, following companies like SpaceX and Paragon VTOL Aerospace, and furthering Brownsville’s goal of becoming the next “space city.”