Companies experience shortage in HVAC unit parts

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EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) —  Summer is on its way and across the Rio Grande Valley the heat is setting in but there is a new concern as companies report shortages in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) parts because of the pandemic. 

Owner of Affordable A/C Systems, Cesar Perez said he has seen HVAC equipment shortages since April, all needed to help keep people’s homes cool.

“We noticed that the units were coming in shortage when we called the distributor, they were coming well and they were telling us that they were struggling to get the unit on time,” said Perez. 

He said they offer most of their customers efficient units and without specific parts, for those HVAC units they can not order them and also have trouble fixing some. 

“Suppliers weren’t supplying enough material like copper, electrical components like motors, compressors, things like that because the more efficient units use a different compressor or use a different motor,” said Perez. 

With orders not coming in on time, Perez said they have lost several deals with some customers. But in the meantime, he said they do provide other options for customers besides waiting. 

“We can always give them a different option from brand because some brands do have availability.” Perez adds, “we try to see which manufacturer has the stock and sell that brand specifically”

Perez said he thinks it might take up to the end 2021 before they see supply return back to normal.

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