BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Charro Days is a few weeks away and a group of students, educators, and community leaders are hoping Elon Musk makes an appearance this year.

Joleen Ramos, Stell Middle School’s dance director, was one of the coordinators of the event and she said she is thankful for Elon Musk’s contributions through the Musk Foundation and SpaceX.

“We dressed up, we choreographed, we did a lot of planning for this and it’s just for him to see it’s a thank you and to come to join our community and our culture, what we stand for in Brownsville,” said Ramos.

The Musk foundation has donated over $5 million dollars to the school district, providing students and the community with more educational opportunities.

“As a school district, we’re very thankful for the donations that he’s given us, but also we have Stell Middle School, our students from the dance team are here to invite him to be part of Charro Days,” said Brownsville Independent School District’s superintendent, Dr. Rene Gutierrez.

Patty Deleon, a sales advisor for Tesla, also assisted in coordinating the event and expressed her gratitude for Musk.

“Everything that he’s bringing here to the Valley it’s just giving the kids a better future, especially all the kids in BISD. They’re getting all these new electronics and it’s just going to even motivate them and better them at their school,” said Deleon.

Brownsville City Commissioner, Jessica Tetreau, said she enjoyed seeing the excitement on the student’s faces and the support from the community at the event.

“When we got out here and just to see all the community members that came during the week at 11 o’clock it was very emotional. I just hope Mr. Musk knows that he’s not just a friend he’s like a family member to all of these kids that he’s impacting so much, and we just really appreciate him,” she said.

The group held signs, performed a traditional Charro Days dance in colorful outfits, and shouted an invite and cheers for Elon Musk.

“Mr. Musk please come home for Charro Days!” the students shouted.