EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Tributes are pouring in for Shawn Snider, Edinburg’s Fire Chief who died earlier this week after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Visitation for Snider was scheduled for Friday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Edinburg.

A McAllen firefighter tells us that he remembers Snider showing his skill and dedication while doing his job.

The black ribbons went up today at Edinburg Fire Department as did the billboard tributes to the late fire chief who died Monday at the age of 58.

Members of the community in Edinburg see this as another time when the people here come together for good reason.

”I know, the community always comes together for this kind of thing. It’s a show of support for for those that did know him,” Andrew Palacios, an Edinburg resident said.

“It’s nice people there’s still good people that can get together for a purpose like that,” Richard Ybarra, an Edinburg resident said.

The McAllen Fire Department is remembering Snider.

Its Interim-Chief Juan Gloria responded to calls with Snider for many years and saw that Snider was always trying to get things done – often using his size to fight fires.

“We had an apartment fire, I was in the first arriving unit. Went to the second floor starting fighting the fire. Next thing I know, I’m getting pushed around and I lost the hose and it was Shawn taking away the hose away, right? Like, ‘yeah, let me get it,’” Gloria explained.

And Gloria says Snider kept working fires after his promotion to Chief. It seemed Snider’s office was prepared to handle anything.

Many people visited his office over the years. Some were in shock, some were saddened over what they experienced, some were depressed, some were enraged, some were reporters on deadline. But, through it all, no matter how stressful the situation, it always seemed that Chief Snider kept a very calm and professional demeanor.

”It didn’t matter what situation was, what the emergency was, he was always that constant state of calm,” Gloria said.

Gloria says Snider was in a constant state of rationalizing a situation.

Snider worked as Edinburg Fire Chief since 1999.