Community demands transparency from Sharyland ISD school board, administration

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Sharyland ISD School Board Meeting at Sharyland Pioneer Highschool on February 24 2020.JPG

Sharyland ISD School Board Meeting at Sharyland Pioneer High School on February 24, 2020. Source: CBS 4

Sharyland ISD held a regular school board meeting Monday at Sharyland Pioneer High School in Mission. 

Family and school district alumni voiced their concerns regarding Sharyland ISD’s sexual harassment and assault claims in tonight’s school board meeting. “We’re not going to stop fighting just because, they think the solution to this is to keep ignoring it. This is something we cannot ignore,” former Sharyland ISD student, Zitlali Melgarejo said. 

Accountability is the key word to describe what district alumni, Dante Demarchi and Melgarejo, want when it comes to the district’s administration. “They don’t answer and they don’t return calls even though I leave messages asking them to please return calls because, we are really concerned,” Demarchi explained. 

The two former students even stood outside before the start of the school board meeting passing out a ‘list of demands’ they want the school board to adhere by.

“It’s basically calling for training [and] speakers on sexual assault to be at the school because… we have speakers who speak on suicide, we have speakers who speak on drugs, why can’t they address sexual assault?”

Two adults who say they have minor family enrolled in Sharyland schools spoke with CBS 4 outside the meeting. The adults asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the topic. “The school board and the superintendent has not addressed this issue and continue to ignore it and that’s not fair,” one concerned family member said. The other expressing their worries, “I would like for the Title IX (nine) at Sharyland ISD to speak up and express what they’re going to do in regards to this Title IX incident with the swim team,” they said. 

Many chairs were empty in the auditorium.  Only a few parents and individuals showed their visible support to the alumni as they took the podium demanding for administration transparency regarding the sexual assault and harassment claims. 

After speaking with administration, school board officials nor district administration did not want to comment on the sexual assault or harassment claims matter. 

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