BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville’s Charro Days Fiesta unveiled their annual poster today with the theme “Come Home to Charro Days.”

Henry LeVrier, president for Charro Days Fiesta, said the theme for their 85th anniversary is an invitation for all to return to Brownsville and enjoy the festivities.

“Come Home, this year we are wanting to invite everyone that has been here but had to leave for X reasons, that they come back home and celebrate with us,” said LeVrier.

The artist for the poster, Don Breeden, has produced 23 of the posters for Charro Days Fiesta and incorporated aspects of Charro Days from over the last 85 years.

“I wanted to incorporate a lot of what Charro Days has to offer. It wasn’t a matter of what I put into it, but what I was going to leave out,” said Breeden.

The annual festival celebrates the Mexican heritage on both sides of the Rio Grande including parades, performances, and events, but the celebration had to go virtual last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is returning this year with traditional events.

“We are planning for us to have the festival, but we also monitor the situation on a daily basis. We are always dealing with the health authorities to see what the latest developments are,” said LeVrier.

There are other organizations that are key to the festivities, such as the Sombrero Festival, a three-day music and food festival.

“Right now, we’re meeting with the local health authorities on a weekly basis and monitoring the situation because we know we’re in the middle of a surge right now, but we expect numbers to turn come February and be on a decline,” said Sombrero Festival’s executive director and chief operating officer, Roy De Los Santos.

Performances from music artists are a main attraction at the Sombrero Festival, but with the uncertainty of the pandemic, De Los Santos said they are ready in case things change.

“We have put additional language in our contracts just to make sure if we have to pivot, if we have to adjust, both parties are protected. That’s been one of the biggest changes for us,” he said.

The current Omicron surge caused a popular Mr. Amigo Association event to be canceled.

“We had scheduled our Taste of La Frontera event for January 17th, which was MLK day, but seeing all the numbers and everything we decided to postpone it,” said the president of the Mr. Amigo Association, Juan R. Chapa.

Chapa also said they plan to continue with events but with safety in mind.

“We’re going to keep track of everything, but obviously mostly outdoor events, nothing indoors,” he said.

All three organizations said they are planning and hoping to continue with business as usual this year.

“Our hope is that we can have a full-fledged Charro Days Festival,” said LeVrier.