Community organizers are making an effort to reduce residential segregation and inequalities in Hidalgo County communities.

Several organizations held a meeting with local officials. It gave them an opportunity to engage directly with colonia residents.

They heard their response to Hidalgo County’s proposed assessment of fair housing. The assessment analyzed if affordable housing is available in certain areas and if those areas are of high opportunity with access to services and goods.

Josue Ramirez, Co-Director Texas Low Income Information Services said, “What we’re seeing is that while there’s a high rate of poverty in Hidalgo County, compared to the rest of the state, is that this poverty manifests itself in certain patterns. What we’re seeing in those patterns is that certain groups of people are the ones who get the lack of services and that gap in getting that fair housing really.”

Community organizers also said they hope this assessment can lead local officials to help out under-served areas in the county.