SAN BENITO, Texas – The San Benito Wetlands Project has been selected to receive federal funding under the Texas Coastal Management Program. $2 million has been approved to fund a number of coastal projects around the state. The project aims to improve water quality and restore wetlands.

Tony Reisinger with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service says the project has come a long way. “It’s been a long process. This use to be a sewage treatment plant for San Benito and it was dried up for a while. But now it’s back to having water available to growing wetland plants.”

Phase 4 of the wetlands project will be focusing on treating waste water and reducing pollutants entering the Arroyo Colorado. The wetlands will benefit both agriculture and wildlife in San Benito.

“Wildlife benefits from the increased habitat of the wetlands, as far as agriculture any runoff that we would have would be cleaned up by the plants out here in the wetlands.” said Reisinger.

The funding will allow for the creation of more wetlands and an increase in the bird population in the area. Reisinger says the project is also aims at initiating ecotourism to San Benito.

“The community will benefit in that they will be able to come out here and enjoy the bird species that are attracted here and look at some of the wetlands plant species, I’m out here to look at the birds.”

Phase 4 of the San Benito Wetlands project is set to begin in October 2020.