Clinic advises taking extra precautions when seeking medical help

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Clinic advises taking extra precautions when going to get medical help (Source: CBS 4 News)

We’re still in the peak of flu season and you can do a lot of things to prevent getting it, but what if you have to go to the doctor’s office? How do you avoid getting sick when you can’t avoid being around people who are?

For Teresa Wilson, a Physician Assistant at Ashley’s Pediatrics Day and Night Clinic in Alton, it’s been an extremely busy flu season.

“This morning, we already had three cases of flu,” said Wilson. “I have one in a room, I have one getting ready to go into another room and we’re not even passing noon.”

Wilson said the clinic has a protocol for children who are ill with high fevers.

“They’re to be brought in, or a child with a rash even brought into the offices as quick as possible, and placed in a room so that they’re not around children that are out there waiting to be seen.”

While Wilson’ staff disinfects the clinic daily with anti-bacterial or anti-viral wipes, she wants to remind parents and kids to also take extra precautions, like if a well-waiting area or sick waiting area is offered, to abide by those parameters.

However, if that’s not an option.

“You need to do your best to avoid people who are coughing and sneezing and are not covering their mouths,” advised Wilson. “You need to carry germ-ex for your children, cleaning their hands, washing their hands whenever they touch things.”

Wilson also encourages people to stay hydrated because those with dry eyes, noses and mouths are more susceptible to getting sick.

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