Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)— The city of Pharr in partnership with Hidalgo County Precinct 2, will administrate over 850 COVID-19 vaccines to adult daycares, according to a press release.

The distribution will take place on Friday, Feb. 19 at the Pharr Events center at 9 a.m. to individuals who have already pre-registered.

Busses will be provided throughout the day from the adult daycares to the event to receive the vaccination, Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Commissioner Eddie Cantu said during a press conference.

On Saturday, the city will launch “Operation Senior Care,” in which they will administer the COVID-19 vaccine at homes to those that pre-registered.

“Our city and county leaders are working together to ensure that our elderly, who are most at-risk, have the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccination,” said Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez in a press release.

Cantu said that the precinct believes the elderly need it most.

“We can’t control what supply they are providing to us, we can control is getting it to the people that need it the most,” Cantu said.

“I haven’t been vaccinated,” said Cantu. He explained that he has not gotten the vaccine to set an example to give the elderly an opportunity to get it first.

Vaccinating the elderly population is the city of Pharr’s top priority for three reasons:

–They are our most vulnerable.

–Statistics show that they are most likely to die if infected.

–The elderly often get admitted into the hospital, which affects all of us.

“If we can successfully vaccinate our elderly, death and hospital rates should drop by up to 80%,” Cantu stated in the press release. 

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