MCALLEN — A project aiming to provide the public with free food has been halted.

The City of McAllen’s Health and Code Enforcement ruled that the RGV Free Fridge project lacked sanitation upkeep.

“While the project is commendable, the inability of the organization to ensure proper internal cooked food temperatures, like any other commercial food establishment must follow, would potentially cause food-borne illnesses or other issues,” city officials wrote in a statement.

The RGV Free Fridge opened at the McAllen Food Park on Monday and served to address food insecurity experienced in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Take what you need, leave what you can,” one of the project’s founders wrote about the project.

The City of McAllen has decided to leave this project behind for now.

In a statement, the City of McAllen noted that they suggested the organization to partner with Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley to help sanitize the fridge.

It is unclear of the project will do this, but the project’s official Instagram stated that they have removed the fridge from the park and are on temporary hold.

“We believe access to food is a HUMAN RIGHT, and for this reason we continue to fight for you all,” the Instagram post stated.