The City of McAllen has adopted a state required stormwater ordinance for residents, businesses and construction work.

According to Delilah Martinez, Stormwater Coordinator for the City of McAllen Public Works Department, the stormwater management ordinance is designed to help the community develop approved erosion and sediment control plans, as well as reduce pollutants such as trash and recycling; oil, paint or other chemicals; yard and pet waste; and construction debris from entering the public storm sewer system.

According to a release, the ordinance requires construction sites to implement approved erosion sediment control plans; residents and business to follow best management practices in their daily activities regarding landscaping and pet waste pick-up; and for developments to properly maintain their private detention ponds and swales.

Residents are reminded that they need to be sure their grass clippings or raked leaves are picked up and not left to fall into the storm drain inlet. Residents can pick up free brown paper bags designed for yard waste at the McAllen Public Works Recycling Center, McAllen City Hall, Lark Community Center, Las Palmas Community Center and Palmview Community Center. The bags are collected once a month and recycled into compost.

Residents should also be sure they’re “scooping the poop” and not leaving their dog’s waste in neighbor’s yards, right-of-way’s or in parks and trails.

“This pet excrement is definitely something that we don’t want getting into our water shed, so please, pick up after your dogs!” said Steven Kotsatos, Director, City of McAllen Health & Code Enforcement Department in a press release.

Residents should also be sure that trash can lids are securely attached.

Lastly, residents and businesses should be sure they are not dumping paint, oils or other chemicals and allow it to run off on the street.

Construction companies should be sure that any debris from their ground materials or ground erosion including clearing and grubbing, grading, excavating or demolition fall into the storm drain.

Fines are set at no more than $500 for each offense.

Employees from the City of McAllen Engineering, Building and Public Works departments have been doing presentations at numerous locations to explain the ordinance. If you would like to have the presentation, contact Delilah Martinez at (956) 681-4000.