Allegations against a city of Hidalgo council member have arisen following the November mid-term elections.

The Director of Elections, Kevin Ingram, sent a letter to the Office of the Attorney General addressing complaints against city of Hidalgo Councilman, Rodolfo “Rudy” Franz. Franz allegedly suggested and instructed voters on who to vote for while assisting them with their ballot.

The complaint was filed by poll watcher, Mildred Escobedo.

“He was reading the ballot because you have to read the ballot, but he started pointing at the ballot when the candidates of his choice came around,” said Escobedo.

Franz’s son, Rodolfo Franz Jr., was on the ballot running for school board member. Under the Texas Election Code it is considered unlawful assistance if a suggestion is made by word, sign or gesture.

Franz, however, says that he was doing nothing wrong. 

“I was instructing inside like flip the page, flip the page, flip the page until the proposition and school candidates because you couldn’t vote for Democrat or Republican at that point,” said Franz.

The letter by the Secretary of State goes on to state that Franz was advised multiple times to stop making suggestions and instructions to the voter.

“This was the third time that she had told him to stop suggesting and pointing at the machine,” said Escobedo. “Voter was [an] enabled person, she could see, she was wearing glasses while she was voting.”

Franz remembers  being reminded to not use any gestures and he was told to keep his hands behind his back.

However, Franz believes the allegations made against him are politically motivated.

“I don’t feel anything because I know I haven’t done anything wrong,” said Franz. “It’s all politically motivated.”

Escobedo, who is also a member of an organization called Election Integrity Advocates says otherwise.

“My organization is non-partisan,” says Escobedo. “I was not wearing nobody’s shirt, but the shirts for election integrity advocates.”

Franz tells us that he believes an investigation should be conducted on Escobedo- it’s a story CBS 4 will look into.