COMBES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The city of Combes is working on new development projects and working on infrastructure.

Mayor Marco Sanchez said the plans for new infrastructure are aimed to attract new developers to the area.

“Our goal is to work on our highway presence and get people to stop and shop and that’s kind of where we’re at,” said Sanchez.

He said the plans to develop new infrastructure and businesses will benefit everyone in the city and around the area.

“We’re trying to build our sales tax revenue basis and by the city extending our water lines in that direction, that will attract developers to come to our area.  Hopefully to develop, create jobs, which in turn creates sales, which in turn creates sales tax revenue, and that’s how our city makes a little bit of money in the EDC,” he said.

Sanchez said the new Crosswind Landing development is aimed to provide opportunities to bring money to the city but also resources and amenities that have not been seen in the city before.

“The totality of the Unity Park development is approximately 40 acres with a proposed hotel, a wellness, center, retail plazas, restaurants, multi-family housing, and a walking trail with a lake,” he said.

One of the newest developments in Combes is the addition of a Love’s Travel Stop and Country Store, which is a gas station with amenities for truck drivers like private showers and CAT Scales.

He said the new truck stop will also have two restaurants, Chester’s and God Father’s Pizza.

Sanchez explained that Love’s will have an annual impact of about $5 million dollars on the local economy.

The new developments are also exciting for people like Alfonso Bojorquez, a local truck driver.

“Personally, as a truck driver when I stop somewhere and let’s say there is a Love’s or there’s not usually like a park or somewhere to get off do some exercise so, just giving them that freedom to kind of get off,” said Bojorquez.

Sanchez said the Crosswind Landing project’s first phase started and should be completed in a year to a year and a half.

He said Love’s Travel Stop is hoping to be done within a year.