The city of Brownsville has made extra strides to revive its downtown area.

“I think it’s just a resurrection of the city and I’m glad to see it,” said Brownsville local Juan Montoya.

A revitalization of downtown Brownsville is something locals are excited for. In August, the Brownsville Police Department opened up a substation in Market Square to increase safety and police presence downtown.

But that is just a small part of the overall picture.

Now more local businesses, like Dodici’s Pizza Wine, are opening to draw more attraction downtown.

“We just felt that downtown was a fantastic location, particularly for a locally owned business, which is really what I think downtown is best suited for,” said Graham Sevier-Schultz. 

Sevier-Schultz tells CBS 4 when he first moved to Brownsville a little over four years ago, people told him to avoid downtown because of the potential danger of going out at night.

“A lot of people really didn’t appreciate it or even think about opening businesses downtown because it does have a bad rep, but, in reality, it really isn’t that bad,” said Daniel Alvarado. 

Alvarado owns Kraken Lounge, across the street from the Brownsville PD substation. He says the city has done a great job giving local businesses a boost.

It’s now up the people to continue momentum.

“The locals themselves to do something about it,” said Alvarado. “A lot of them want to wait for all these people from out of town to come with money to renovate it. It starts with the locals to take care of their city.”

Both business owners expect many restaurants to start being built within the coming years.

Alvarado says downtown businesses should work as a collective to make the area more attractive.