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ALAMO, Texas ( ValleyCentral) – Starting as a collection of antique angels in 2015, the City of Alamo Museum is aiming to preserve local history.

Museum Director, Alejandro Oyoque, said this was something Alamo needed and he went to the city council to make it happen.

“In one of those meetings we went back and forth we opted to create a community museum where we could have history, a gallery of angles, and also we can provide a space for traveling exhibits,” Oyoque said.

From old dresses from the 1920’s to old newspaper articles and records, everything held in the museum is from the people of Alamo. But Oyoque hopes to expand the museum by taking in history from neighboring cities.

“I think it is important that we put together and harvest all the information from the valley and from those cities that don’t currently have a museum,” Oyoque said. ” So if we can get that information and house it here.. put it in collections whenever they open their own museum we can go and share it with them.”

However, the museum is also helping locals find their heritage going back centuries. Locals like 77-year-old Enrique Gonzalez Jr. went to find out more about his Karankawa descent. He now has a whole display showing his family’s history.

“I’m part of El Gato. I am part of their history, I was a little baby when I was going over there,” Gonzalez said. “I gave them all of the photographs they asked for and we started putting them up so now it is a story to be told.”

Gonzalez hopes he can connect with others with the same heritage, and the museum is willing to him and other locals to find their history.

“If anybody out there has a question about their native culture… if you think you are Karankawa or your family is Karankawa… contact the Alamo Museum.

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