MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With Title 42 expected to expire in May, Gov. Greg Abbott is working to prepare Texans, as top state officials are bracing for even more crossings at the border.

City leaders from across the Valley are preparing for the anticipated influx of illegal crossings.

“The border patrol is already overwhelmed with the mass numbers of migrants coming across,” Border Czar Mike Banks said.

Border patrol officials say they have their hands full with the ongoing massive number of illegal crossings.

These crossing rage from the federal level even to the local level.

McAllen City leaders say the increase in illegal crossings have gained traction since 2014, with numbers going up and down.

“We seen well over 450,000 people cross through in the McAllen area since that time and just in the last 12 months we’ve had well over 70,000 that have crossed into the united states through McAllen,” Asst. City Manager & Emergency Management Coordinator with the City of McAllen Jeff Johnston said.

Abbott is taking this issue not only in the recent State of the State address but also in the current legislative session.

In the Governor’s latest visit to the Valley, he says a goal is to get Texans prepared for the expiration of Title 42 come May.

“According to federal estimates, themselves they said that once Title 42 is eliminated we can expect up to 18,000 people crossing the border a day,” Abbott said.

Johnston says to stay prepared as leaders are keeping a close eye on the federal government and updates from Border Patrol.

They say if numbers continue to rise, Anzalduas Park can be used as a resource.

“We will continuing doing what we have to do to make sure we facilitate those that are passing through as required by the federal government and at the same time keep our residents and our businesses thriving and doing what they do everyday,” Johnston said.

There is still an emergency declaration in place for the City of McAllen which is in connected to immigration and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnston says currently crossings are ranging from 118 per day and says is a lot more manageable from the past.